Just a malaprop who wants to help turn around this capitalist dumpster fire, and enjoy a tasty sandwich!

About and stuff

Plan A:
Make signs and/or stickers for sandwich shop windows to show their support, and hopefully make people smile.

Plan B:
Make a cutout that people can take selfies with, and express their support in their own words.

Plan C:
Put it up for people to download, print, and enjoy.
(tagging @berniesandwiches2020 or #berniesandwiches2020 is appreciated)

Thanks to Bernie Sanders for having actual beliefs, Chris Hayes mouth, and Peter Nevins for the artwork.

Download yr sandwich

A few pre-sized printable PDFs for your enjoyment.

8.5 x 11 crop 8.5 x 11 full-length 40" x 72" full-length


Feel free to contact with recipes, suggestions, questions.. on twitter or instagram